Proof Of Funds Query


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When you reach the stage of putting down an offer I’ve read that most estate agents will require proof of funds to take you seriously.

If you have been given a mortgage exemption that more than covers the offer you’ve made surely giving this to the EA is tipping your hand as to how much higher you could afford to go.

Any advice on the way to approach this, if there is another way to show you can afford the bid you’ve made without showing you’ve got another 10% or more to potentially increase your offer.


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Hi, from experience you can ask the bank to give you a letter along the lines of 'We understand x has made an offer on a property of €x amount. We can confirm they have funds available to complete on that offer'.

So just confirms you can meet the offer made but doesn't give away what further funds are available.

Not sure all banks will do this though, but some relationship managers will arrange for you.


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When I bough a house in 2016 my solicitor wrote a letter confirming I would have funds to complete the purchase which was accepted.


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I've gone sale agreed twice (seller pulled out of first one) and put offers on two other houses at different times (all with different auctioneers) and I was never once asked for proof of funds. I was asked if I had mortgage approval (which I did) but I didn't have to show any paperwork. Maybe that's just how it works down this end of the country :)


Maybe that's just how it works down this end of the country
Where a vendor is looking to move quickly and there is sufficient demand, they will often ask for it so as to avoid unnecessary delays. So they just deal with people who are ready to close, and ideally avoid chains. In slower markets vendors have to be more patient at times, allowing time for purchasers to line up financing if they want to achieve a certain price.