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    Maybe someone can help advise me on "Professional Added Years" in relation to Local Authority pensions. My understanding is that if you can't achieve 40yrs pensionable service (e.g. if you were in your thirties or older when you started work in the council) you may be eligible for Professional Added Years. There is essentially a formula that you can use to determine if your eligble for additional pension years. From what I can recall its;
    • where A = the number of years it took to acquire your qualification for the post
    • where B = the number of required years experience required in order to fill the post.
    To cut a long story short, I confirmed that I was eligble for professional added years, but I was told by HR that I would need to apply for these additional years at retirement. I was also told that I would need to keep the original job spec (stating number of yrs experience required for the job) & my Third Level qualifications.

    Can someone confirm if this is correct, as it seems crazy to me that you need to apply for these additional yrs at retirement (which is approx 30 yrs time) & that I need keep the original job spec !! I can hardly remember what I did last week, let alone try and remember to do something in 30yrs time...