Proceeds from Family home Sale


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Left family home due to DV.
Have 3 kids. 2 with special needs and currently receive Loan Parent s and Half Carers.
Family home is to be sold and I may receive 70k. I will have to pay 7k car loan back to a family member and 4k to a credit card.
As far as I can see I will be deducted quite alot.
Does anyone know if I'm allowed to buy a car and some other things.
Is a car consider means?
I understand that in June 22 I can have 50k and it won't be deducted. But Loan parents will be.
Can I put 10k for each of my children for them to use once they are 18 or 21.
My eldest will likely need to stay with me through adulthood or be semi independent and I thought one day he might have a 1 bed cabin in my back garden if I ever get a council house.
Also it's unlikely I'll ever receive maintenance either.
Any advice on these matters gratefully received


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I assume that you're asking about the means test.

May I suggest that you contact CIPS, the Citizens Information Phone Service at 0818 07 4000 to answer those questions.