Presidential Pay and Pension

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    Just read this morning that Mary McAleese is to be paid a pension of €160K per year which is based on her salary prior to 2 pay cuts.

    While I have the upmost respect for Mrs. McAleese can we honestly afford to continue paying pensions of this nature to public servants?

    I know public service pensions and payments have come up a lot here recently and in the media.

    I am a public servant and believe me I dont get anything near a pension like that, or half it or quarter it.

    Has anyone done a comparison between public service pay and pensions between here and other EU states?

    Prime Minister pay
    Prime Minister pension
    President pay
    President pension
    TD/Minister/Cabinet pay
    TD/Minister/Cabinet pension
    Local council pay
    local council pension
    Public sector worker pay
    public sector worker pension

    I know it might be difficult to do, there might be sub categories and other factors to take into account. Just wondering has anyone done anything like this or are they even comparible.

    Personally I think all public sector pay should be capped- €150k highest, max pension €100k. Maybe im being too generous here.

    Most people in the public sector have a choice (I certainly did). Job security for a decent wage over Private sector insecurity and better wage (in theory).

    I made a choice to move from private sector to public sector for 2 reasons.
    1. I hated my job and wanted to do something else
    2. I wanted something a little more secure (even though I am only part time)

    As a public sector worker I realise that I am being paid by a nation, not by a profit based organisation. While salary cuts are hard to bear I accept them and in most cases I think there should be more in the public sector (Especially at top level). There are people in this country far worse off than I. While I am earning enough to survive I still realise that.

    It just galls me to think that we are paying our Taoiseach (or were) more than Obama. That our presidential salaries are huge. That our pensions for public sector workers (especially high end) are enormous. That TD's can walk away or resign from a position and not only get a payout but also keep a pension entitlement,even though they have only been in the job a year.

    What the hell is going on and when is it going to change. I dont blame the current government for implementing these crazy things but they have to start changing them.
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    its called snouts in the trough, it wont change until we go bust. why pay a president such an enormous sum in the first place?? ah you never know I might get a shot at it when I finish as a TD!!

    its a disgrace but who can stop them? no shame, 3500 for laundry, paid for clcoking in, get over 5k per month unvouched expenses, travel expenses, and a salary of 96k but dont worry when you retire we will make sure your pension is based on the highest salary possible, the rot goes on and on, we will reduce no of ministers, stamp out cronyism, etc etc etc.