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I"m semi-retired and live abroad.
But I do spend parts of the year in my home in Dublin. During these stays in Dublin I hope to homeshare e.g. via airbnb (I travel a great deal and enjoy staying at such places, this is a chance to be "on the other side" and meet interesting people...)

Looking at the new rules on homesharing it seems this is possible if the place is the "principle residence". I.e. it should be ok as long as I am in living in the house too.

Is this interpretation correct?

Note: I base this on the last comment by Bronte in this thread: https://www.askaboutmoney.com/threads/proving-that-a-property-is-a-ppr-and-not-a-nppr.160057/

"Your 183 day rule is in relation to residency in Ireland for income tax and doesn't have anything to do with PPR.

There is no minimum amount of time you have to stay in your property for it to be a PPR."