Post Insolvency Letter ?

Discussion in 'Personal Insolvency, bankruptcy, etc' started by Kitty1, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Kitty1

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    Can anyone shed any light for me on this, as it's a Friday Eve and I can't get answers now for weekend :-/
    I successfully completed my 3 month insolvency recently. During that time I recieved no correspondence from the banks (as it should be). I recieved notification of my completion etc on 30th August - however I had a delightful letter in the door today asking me about the arrears on my mortgage from Cabot Financial. (My mortgage was Ulster Bank) ?!

    This is worrying me, as it was Ulster and AIB listed and paid under my 3 month insolvency ... Not Cabot... And I only ever held the one mortgage with Ulster ??
  2. Nailligo

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    Out of interest how did you get 3 month insolvency? Or was that some sort of informal set up with the bank? Did you have to go through a PIP?
  3. Kitty1

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    I believe it was granted as I had no income after Reasonable Living Expenses...
  4. elcato

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    It's purely bad timing. Cobot are a shower of chancers, I mean a debt collection agency so I wouldn't respond. They don't do checks and probably are unaware of your situation. They're just putting out a bit of bait to see if you take it. Ignore and have a nice weekend.
    If you want to respond, do so directly to UB and inform them of their oversight.
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    Hi I own around €90,000 in arrears since bank of ireland refused to work with me over the last 4 yrs, the social welfare offered to pay interest only bank refused i'm now paying €800 a month they still wont talk to me.. Meant to ask anyone got any ideas on where i can get assistance on writing a professional letter, any websites links etc?