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Hi all,
we are a couple in our mid 30s with two young kids, 18 months and 5weeks. We both work hard but are in reasonably well paid jobs. We currently are both on PMI 37 13 with the kids on One+ Plan. Are these the best plans for value for money vs cover for us? Maternity may still be important for my wife in the next couple of years.


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Hi Ciaran6410,

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The plan VHI PMI 37 13 is a good plan for hospital cover that ticks all the boxes across the board, but it is lacking in day to day cover.
For an extra 54 euro each, you can upgrade to a plan that gives refunds of 50% for gp visits. consultants visits, dental, optical,physio etc upto a max
of 1000 per year. Details as follows;

1. VHI Company Plan Plus Level 1.3; price 1251pa; all public, private and 3 hi-tech hospitals covered as before, private or hi-tech inpatient excess
150 per admission, day case excess 50 per procedure, no excess to pay in any public hospital. Good day to day cover included, refund of 50% for
gp visits, consultants, some cover for dental, physio, optical etc upto a max refund of 1000 per year per person. Maternity cover is better than before
with refunds for a list of expenses - thats if you pay for these type of medical costs.

The following include extra day to day refunds 75% for gp and consultants, but the private hospital excess is 250 per admission - PMI 45 10(price 1288 per person).
VHI PMI 07 10(price 1297 per person) is similar to Company Plan Plus Level 1.3 above but the private hospital excess is capped at 150 x 1 per year for all admissions, regardless of how many.

The childrens plan VHI One + Plan is a good option for hospital cover that ticks all the boxes, and suitable for their ages with free gp for under 6s.

Regards, Snowyb