Please Help!! 5 years post bankruptcy bank still sending in false info to ICB


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Hi there,

I am 5.5yrs post bankruptcy and PTSB are still sending in reports to ICB that I owe them for mortgage I had with them. PTSB state that they can still do this because the property is not sold. (This property has had no payments in over 10yrs, no exaggeration) I have contacted both the FSO and DPO to which they cannot get a resolution. What can I do, do I need to go down a legal route as this is inpeding me on every turn. Since being bankrupt in 2014 I have returned to solvency ever since and lucky enough to be in a good job. However, the fact that they are sending in false information about me, effectively affecting my credit report is killing me.

Do I need to go legal, I have tried all the normal routes (FSO & DPO) to no resolve. I know there are people who have been in the same boat so please any advice please welcome and greatly appreciated. If someone knew who I could contact to help me that would be great as this is never-ending.

Many thanks