Personal motoring policy to commercial for EV ?


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I am purchasing an EV through my Ltd. company to avail of the generous BIK tax break.

What's the best approach to insuring the new EV ? My existing personal policy provider does not want to keep my business as its deemed commercial, although there will be 0 business miles.



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You, personally cannot insure a vehicle that does not belong to you as you have no insurable interest in it. Insure it commercially through your company with you as named driver on the policy.


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As above, the company needs to insure it.

Save yourself the time, and get a broker to sort it for you. You'll get the run around yourself trying to deal with the commercial department of an insurer. Some have a 'computer says no' approach.

It will be more expensive if it's the first time company is getting insurance. You will most likely have to sign over your personal no claims bonus to the company.

Just something to watch out for - you'll only be a named driver. you could end up not having a no claims discount yourself after 2 years if you buy a car in your own name in future.
Also, if your spouse isn't an employee / director of company, make sure they can be a named driver.