Pension Rights / Overseas Divorce


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I am looking for some advise on my future pension situation.

I am a foreign national that worked in Ireland during 1999-2010. During this period of time, I accrued benefit for a partial State Pension (contributed for more than 10 years), and my employer's private pension.

After leaving Ireland, I divorced my ex-wife in my new country of residence and after a while married again. I never notified the Irish authorities about my new civil status, nor the name of my new wife - my main beneficiary now. Neither my ex-wife or myself reside in Ireland anymore.

Our divorce agreement - while amicable - was quite complex, involving the division of many assets. I realise that my Irish Pension is a joint asset with my ex-wife. In my divorce agreement (again, crafted overseas) I agreed to pay her 50% of my Irish pension income, without specifying the details or the mechanics to do it. Probably an oversight I need to make it right now.


- How do I notify the Irish authorities in charge of my Irish State pension about my new status? Social Welfare authorities?

- As above for my private pension (I imagine via my pension fund administrator)

- In the case I died before my pension age, would my ex-wife be automatically entitled to the 100% of my moneys in my pension funds? Or there is a mechanism to provide her with 50% of the moneys and the remainder 50% to my new wife?

Any comment about my situation or relevant orientation will be greatly appreciated.