Paying a bill out of the estate.

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  1. BlueSpud

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    I am one of 2 executors of a will where one person, not an executor, gets the house and contents, others get the remainder. The person living in the house is putting in house bills to the solicitor, and I think the other excutor is okay with it. I have a major problem with it as the person getting the house has done me a grevious harm and it is the only way I have to score a point. Am I on a loser with this, particularly as one bill relates to when the person was alive. I am in no way impeding the items specified in the will.
  2. john luc

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    until the house is owned by them then it is still owned by the estate and so all relevant costs to the maintenance of the property are by the estate.
  3. Thirsty

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    Depends what you mean by bills. If someone is living in the property as caretaker then its reasonable that they pay their utility bills.

    However, I would caution against using the probate process to score points. You are only doing yourself further injury.
  4. Bronte

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    And how delighted the dead person who trusted you to be an executor would be to find out how you are acting.
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    You have a responsibility to the dead person who appointed you to be their executor, if you can't undertake that responsibility with a good heart then resign and stop being such a prat.