Pay as you go ESB and Gas meters

Discussion in 'Home energy' started by WGT, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. WGT

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    We have pay as you go meters in our house and a friend has said that we pay more per unit as a result.
    Is this true and to what extent is it more expensive?
    If so, what's the selling point and why should we continue to use the meters?

  2. Palerider

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    You do pay more. These are great where a property is let otherwise shop around, look for the price per kW to compare, there are comparison websites available to do your research.
  3. emeralds

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    The selling point is that you don't get hit with a bill every two months and you are able to see exactly what your consumption of gas and electricity is on a daily basis.
  4. mathepac

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    You don't need a PAYG meter to see or understand your gas or electricity consumption or costs. Take regular readings, weekly or daily if you prefer and use the template supplied to work out the costs. Pay this amount weekly or put it in the gas/ESB tin or cup like our grannies used to do. Consumers can also contact their supplier to spread the cost of gas/electricity evenly over the year so there are no unexpectedly high bills.

    Unless it's a rented property where the landlord installs the PAYG meters for convenience and security, they are an expensive way to pay.

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