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  1. Pakied

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    Going to Coke Park for match Sunday coming from the south where is best place to park. Is there still a lot of Road Works on the N7 near Nass.
  2. Leper

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    If Cork or Tipp were playing in Croke Park I'd park in the Dublin suburbs (freeeeeeee!), take the 15A to the city centre and walk to Croker. Do the opposite on the way back and be back in Cork before 11.00pm. No extra charges, no Lock-Hards, no traffic jams, no discomfort, and hope the better team won.
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  3. lledlledlled

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    That's good advice about parking in the suburbs. Just make sure it ain't too dodgy an area. You'll know by the look of it!

    If you don't fancy much of a walk, you could park near Castleknock train station and get the train to drumcondra from there.

    A word of warning about parking close to Croke Park... It's a Pay and Display system, most of which has a maximum stay of two hours. This means you're clamped unless you skip the minor match. The corpo make a fortune from this stupid rule.

    Would you consider getting the train the whole way?
  4. Pakied

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    Thanks for your help. Trains booked up only got tickets for match yesterday
  5. twofor1

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    There is, I don’t think those road works are scheduled to finish until late 2019.

    Long delays yesterday afternoon heading towards Dublin on that stretch of the M7, particularly approaching the M9 merge. I probably lost 45 minutes in total, it didn’t look much better going south either.

    Although you will be travelling on a Sunday, both Kilkenny who are in the minors and Limerick in the seniors will be using that stretch of road, I would allow for delays.
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  6. AlbacoreA

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    Why not just park in the train station car parks. Pay the day fee, end of.
  7. cremeegg

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    Culchie to Dub, "If I park my car here tonight, will it still be here in the morning."

    Dub to Culchie. "If you park your car anywhere in Dublin tonight, it will be here in the morning."