Parking fine appeal

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  1. jonor68

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    Does anyone have experience of appealing a parking fine in Cork city? I parked in front of a sign rather than behind the sign, no road markings to demarcate the start of the permitted parking area. I took pictures one the day and also pictures of other areas where similar parking is permitted.
  2. elcato

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    There usually is a small arrow indicating which side(s) of the sign where the parking is permitted. Did you check that just in case ? I would imagine the ticket can be appealed to the council but have no idea where you'd get the number other than on the ticket or google.
  3. Leo

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    See the Parking Permitted sign here, did the one in your case have arrows pointing in one or both directions? See here for more guidance on the meaning of various signs in use. How far away were you from the closest corner / junction?

    A quick look at the legislation suggest that the arrows are not required, and that these RUS 018 signs are used to indicate the limits of an area where parking is allowed. So unless there were further signs permitting parking in both directions, I'm not sure you have much of a case. Stick up a StreetView link or tell us what street and where abouts...