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    Relative has moved house recently and despite asking politely, the next-door neighbour repeatedly parks in front of relative's gated front entrance. As the house was unoccupied for a year, they obviously got used to parking in front. Sometimes it is their private car but mostly their commercial taxi. To be honest I think it is very rude and I suggested to relative if it doesn't stop, to complain to the taxi regulator. Obviously, a no parking sign can be put up and I guess that is the way to go. Any thoughts?
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    Are they blocking the entrance? If not and it's a public road I don't think there's much you can do. Different if they are blocking the entrance. Could your relative park their car there.
  3. S.L.F

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    Contact the Gardai or the council.
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    to what end?
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    Is the gated front entrance into a parking area or just into the garden ? If it's just in front of the house and leading to a footway you are basically asking the neighbour not to park in front of your house which isn't illegal. Why are they objecting ? Does it block something ? I don't see what difference whether it's a taxi or not makes.
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    He said gated front entrance, so it's blocking a gate. But it it a gate to allow a vehicle, or a gate like a door for a human. If it stops a vehicle than you can't do that.
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    I had a similar problem some years ago with next-door neighbours who had four cars.

    As it turned out it was a short-term problem as the neighbours concerned moved on.

    This was the advice from my local council:-

    “It is a traffic offence to park a vehicle so as to block the entrance/exit to property without the prior consent of the owner of the property.

    If motorists are parking on the road and at the same time physically blocking the entrance to the driveway to your home you should report the matter to the local Gardai.”