Padraig Kissane presenting to the Oireachtas Finance Committee next Tuesday, 21st

Brilliantly reported by Padraic.
The committee have spoken about fraud and criminal activity and those responsible in the banks be made accountable through an enquiry. This in my opinion would only slow the whole process down and any decisions on rates and compensation might have to wait for the findings of a long drawn out enquiry.
To be taken off 3.25%+ECB immediately and put onto a fair tracker rate, and the mortgage balance recalculated accordingly would be enough for me. I can't live on the hope of "justice" whilst getting screwed every month by the bank, while I'm waiting.
I hope April's report by the Central Bank isn't going to be another excuse to stall for time
Fantastic delivery by Padraic Kissane, I hope he gets the chance to put those bankers on the stand.