P45 done away with?


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Apparently when starting a new job from 1 January of this year you will no longer have to give your P45 to your new employer. I believe that P45s will no longer even be issued.

Instead they will simply input your PPS number into ROS when issuing you your first pay. Is this true? Effectively you won't have to give anything to a new employer and you will be taxed correctly?

Is there anything 'official' now that you would have to give a new employer that would have your previous job and salary on it?



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Your employer should cease you on Revenue with your final pay and your date of cessation. After that has been completed, your tax credits will automatically assign to the next employer. You can assign your tax credits & cut off manually to your new employer on "MyAccount" with Revenue but I have seen this cause problems as your employer needs to assign an employee ID for each and every employment (can have more than one employee ID for the same employer - for e.g. if you have weekly pay and monthly bonus), so it may not be picked up with a manual assignation but treated as a separate employment. Some of these teething problems may have been ironed out by now though.