Overseas pension

Djimi Traore

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I'm currently living in Australia where I'm now a citizen and may be moving back to Ireland in the next year or two. While here I've built up a fairly substantial DC pension pot (called superannuation here). In Australia you pay 15% tax on the contributions and then when you withdraw over age 60 you can withdraw the full amount tax-free or continue to invest it while drawing down an income. Does anyone know how Irish Revenue would treat this?

I'm guessing if I took it as income it would be liable to Irish tax, but if I just withdrew it to my Australian bank account tax-free and then transferred it to Ireland would that be liable to tax? Obviously I know the rules will likely all change over the next few decades!


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Hi Djimi Traore. Wondering if you found out the answer to your question? I too am looking for some information around this topic. Thanks.