Overpayment - Lump Sum vs Monthly?

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    After saving like crazy for the last few years, we’re now in the fortunate position that we can afford to pay a 10% lump sum off our mortgage (the maximum we can overpay with our bank - 10 year fixed).

    However, a friend advised that it would be more beneficial to pay an extra 10% monthly instead. He says that you save more in the long run that way. Is this correct?

    Surely it’s better to pay a lump sum off the capital & reduce the repayment amount enabling us to save more & hopefully pay off early once we have enough saved.

    Are there any benefits to monthly overpayments vs a lump sum (other than access to savings) that I’m not seeing?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Your friend could not be more wrong...
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    Unless the bank has some weird method of accounting, you can't save more money by reducing your mortgage in the future than by reducing it now.
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    Giving the benefit of the doubt to your friend, perhaps they meant that rather than saving up the lump sum and *then* paying it in one go, they meant you should just overpay as you go, say E200 extra a month, rather than saving up the equivalent of E2400 and paying it at the end of the year. THats the only logic I can think of!
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