Overcharging on Investment Mortgage

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    Overcharging: Accountant's report shows my variable home loan rate (on an investment) was overcharged by circa Euro 9500 over several years.
    The property was sold (under bank direction to do so a couple of years ago) at modest arrears of less than 500euro
    It is immensely likely that had there been no overcharging...there would have been no arrear(s) and therefore the investment property would still be owned and operating and generating a surplus income also.
    The bank took a case to seek judgement as there was residual debt....We have been in negotiations - however the new information on the overcharging casts a new light....Anyone in a similar situation? Any thoughts? Is Overcharging Fraud? Is statute of limitations a factor 6 years? or 12 for a sealed contract? Go raibh maith agat