Over-rated & under-rated Irish tourist attractions

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    For every glowing reference, try to offer up one which could do with a make-over (and vice versa).

    Wells' House, Ballyedmond, Wexford (kids loved the Gruffalo walk)

    National Heritage Park
    (Visited on a grey day which was in keeping with the motte- and bailey exhibit at the end. Thoroughly underwhelming and in dire need of fresh paint.
  2. T McGibney

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    Under-rated. The Ulster American Folk Park. Almost every Irish mountain.
    Over-rated. Carrick-a-rede rope bridge.
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  4. Jazz01

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    Under-rated : Everything not associated with Cork

    Over-rated : Everything that doesn't involve Cork :D
  5. lledlledlled

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    Under-rated : Glasnevin Cemetery Tour (ok, it is rated highly on trip advisor but a surprisingly % of irish adults have never considered it)

    Over-rated : Giant's Causeway (big pile of rocks)
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    The World Travel Awards wouldn't be the best way of deciding on where to holiday.

    Go to their website and you'll see they give out many awards - maybe 1000+, their business clearly depends on giving out awards.

    I did a little research and found http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/WO15...ld-travel-awards-operates-in-the-pipeline.htm,
    "Allegations included some saying the awards are for sale, the voting system is unfair and hardly relevant, and that winners are being charged a marketing fee before the awards are actually issued."​

    There's a similar awards company in the radio world, newyorkfestivals.com. They're more upfront with their scheme where it's a mere 295$ per program entered. Surprisingly their "Broadcaster of the year 2017/Entry fee contributor of year" RTE didn't find Spike island beating the Eiffel Tower suspicious.
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    Sounds like the 'Product of the Year' where everything entered is sure to win some made up category, and earn to right to fork out thousands to use the logo in advertising.
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    Under Rated: Standhill in Sligo - the place is magic
    Over Rated: Guinness Store House - too much screens etc and not enough viewing the actual production of the stuff.
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    Your two statements cancel each other out!!:p
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    Over Rated - Powerscourt Waterfall. It is am embarrassment. It is a teeny tiny trickle of water which wouldn't get a second glance in most other countries. I feel sorry for the tour buses full of Americans turning up to it.
    Under Rated - Crone Woods - right next to Powerscourt waterfall. A great 60 to 90 minute hike with lovely views at the top.