AIB Over €50K Upper Appeals Panel - No Response to itemised Claims


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I am new to forum.
Claim went to upper AIB Appeals Panel via BDO for serious losses as a result of admitted wrongdoings.
After over 14 months, Response is astonishing - "The panel did not agree .. and had been appropriately compensated by the Bank"
Following very detailed and time consuming claim, rebutting AIB denials, producing evidence to substantiate etc
No response to our itemised claims on how the AIB so called "Independent" Appeals Panel arrived at their conclusion
Requested oral hearing but Appeal Panel state "not required"
Has this been a feature of other claimants to over €50k AIB Panel?
Has anybody who lost property got any additional compensation award from AIB?
Or is it off to FSPO for a few years more?
This AIB Tracker Appeals Panel is suspect.

Brendan Burgess

Hi A1

It is very frustrating that the Appeals Panel dismisses claims in very short sentences without giving any reasoning at all.

I have seen another case where their reasoning was bizarre in the extreme and their calculations were wrong - but they were in favour of the customer. So it's not bias. They just don't have anyone who understands mortgages.

However, you now know the bank's reasoning so you can go to the Ombudsman. If you keep your argument tight and don't respond to every response from AIB you should get a reply within the year.