Outstanding bench warrants


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The news today is covering that very unfortunate issue in Castleblayney that resulted in the death of an innocent man, horrendous, I feel so sorry for his wife, family and friends.

Got me thinking, here's the rant, this driver had an unexecuted bench warrant out for his arrest since 2011, it seems that was for a hit and run, I understand he may not have lived in the ROI.

How effective are these bench warrants, how many are outstanding and does anybody chase these up at all or is it random, is it time for a civil private entity to engage with the State similar to the bounty hunters and go get these guys who have outstanding warrants to present them before the Courts.


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This is Ireland. Law and order are optional extras, exercised on occasions. And to think we currently have FG in power, the party of 'law and order'- what have they done in the past 7 years to improve things...any more prison places? any meaningful increase in Gardai numbers? any reform of our archaic all-powerful legal profession?


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This may be of interest.
From the link;
"In 2014, almost 9,000 committal warrants led to imprisonment for non-payment of fines; and a further 88,000 committal warrants (many also involving a backlog of older warrants) were unexecuted."

As of 2015 there were 115,772 unexecuted warrants.


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Wow, so not unreasonable to say in the order of 120,000 unexecuted warrants.

120,000 Court hearings which resulted in the issue of a warrant, that is a lot of wasted time in the judicial system, the reality is that these will never be cleared.

And there is a meaningful increase in Garda numbers, now they need the technology and resources.

We need the warrants executed with a private entity, we need more prisons built, the reality is that if 1% of these warrants resulted in a committal there is no place to put them.

It is not funny, the ordinary citizen is not being protected by the system, it is broken.