Operation Caesar - Military History trivia


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Fascinating story, I was aware that towards the end of World War II, Germany sent a submarine U-boat with technical military experts to Japan with plans for advanced weaponry including jet fighters.

What's even more extraordinary is that the mission failed, because the U-boat was intercepted and sunk by a British submarine, the only known incidence of a submerged submarine deliberately sinking another submerged submarine. It required the "manual computation of a firing solution against a three-dimensionally manoeuvring target was the first occasion on which techniques were used and became the basis of modern computer-based torpedo targeting systems. Prior to this attack, no target had been sunk by torpedo where the firing ship had to consider the target's position in three-dimensional terms, where the depth of the target was variable and not a fixed value."

I find it remarkable that a U-boat on such a critical mission would be sunk in such a rare manner.


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odyssey06 google defence of the realm that u boat had engine problems needed to snorkel periscope depth,so just under surface, ideal torpedo depth
site also states first sub v sub action occured not during ww2 as stated above but during ww1, german u27 versus british e3 ,e3 destroyed


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Thanks for the info.

Actually in the u27 sinking of e3 it looks like e3 was on the surface? Wiki mentions lookouts in conning tower. But it is a fascinating encounter nonethless.