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Discussion in 'Consumer Issues and Rights' started by leelee, Feb 14, 2012.

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    Hi - will try keep this short but basically want to know should I inform an online grocery department that they refunded me twice.

    I did an online grocery shop at the beginning of December & due to huge errors, shoppin not arrive 4 hours after delivery slot a van man called to say there was a problem with my laser card 4 hours after food was due to be delivered - i used verify by visa the transaction would not have completed with incorrect numbers.

    To cut long story short I phoned the company and explained all of above and said i was refusing to accept the order as it was so unaccepatable and they agreed saying just let delivery man know. I was given apologies etc.

    When the bank statement arrived at the end of the month the shop in question had taken the money 4 days after I had cancelled my shopping - the amount was approx. 160.00. I rang the company and they said sorry etc, and money would be refunded within 3-5 working days. I took their word. four weeks later another statement arrived and showed i still had not been refunded the monies. I was so annoyed and rang them again to be told they have a system error and it was never possible to refund money in full and it will be done by way of smaller dominations and will include extra 15.00 for inconvience. Week later i get another mail saying money didn't go through as having system errors....

    All in all money came back 9 weeks after they took my money but from statement it appears they have done it twice in a total of 16 transactions.

    I am so annoyed at company in question - you can't get to speak to someone higher up, all call centres. I don't feel like ringing and say you gave me money back twice - i was left short with money all over Christmas as a result

    Can anyone through some light on this - I know some will say don't give back and others will say I must call them. I don't want them to come back to me say in 2 months time when i don't have this money though!
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    It's not hard. You simply have to decide what is right.

    A. Keep the money that does not belong to you and justify it on the basis that it's their own fault.

    B. Give the money back ( cheque, postal order) - because it's not yours, notwithstanding the aggravation you went through.

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    I am genuinely not sure what you are asking us.

    You have already admitted that there is no point in asking for a moral judgement on whether you should give it back, you will get plenty of useless contridictory advice.

    You have said that you dont want them to come back and ask for it in 2 months time - Its only answer to that is - dont spend it, it's not yours.
    They might very well ask for it back.
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    I'm with mf1 on this; I would prefer to tell them that they sent the refund twice so that my conscience was clear. You never know, they may send you a thank you letter and tell you to keep the extra for your trouble.
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    I think you should put all this in writing, all the issues, the phone calls, with as much detail as possible, also telling them about the over payments, in a letter & send it to them. In that, ask them where do they want to go with this now, tell them you expect a written reply within 14 working days - failing to do so will result the surplus monies been "given to charity". The "charity" in question can be anything you want it to be...even you own back pocket.

    This moust have caused a huge amount of frustration for you... I don't think I would be as calm as yourself if it took that long, with that hassle to get your money back.

    Good luck with it...