One vehicle alternative to a 4x4 & a saloon car?


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At present I have two vehicles: a 2006 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 LWB and a 2012 E Class Mercedes.

I use the car, primarily, to travel to and from work during the week. It's usually parked up at the weekend or during holidays and I use the jeep.

I only had the jeep for a good period of time but got the car because the mileage was creeping up in the jeep, running costs were higher (e.g. fuel and tyre replacement). Comfort wise, I find the jeep is on par with the mercedes.

I use the jeep for pulling a horse box a few times a year. I have a double axle trailer (10'x5') that I use regularly. I have dogs that I carry in the jeep also.

I intend to retire within the next few years and I'm starting to consolidate my position now. Part of that consolidation is to upgrade in years but reduce to one vehicle - one that will be kept for a good number of years into my retirement.

Suggestions as to what I should be looking at would be appreciated. I'm not in a rush to buy, but will hopefully make the move within the next three years. By then I'd be hoping to pick up a 2017 or 2018 model.

(Why am I looking now? I need to see what I need to financially prepare for)

Suggestions from family include a Volvo C60, VW Tiguan, VW Passat Estate and the Audi Q3.

I'll be the only driver and one passenger space is all I need. When I retire I would expect the mileage I'll be driving will dramatically drop.

I hope I've given a feel of where I'm coming from but will clarify more if needed. Thanks.


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Audi A6 Allroader estate? 4X4 with the comfort or a saloon car and good torque for pulling stuff. Big boot well able to take the dogs.


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As you say you have plenty of time to make a decision so no need to rush into it and plenty of time to research.

Sounds like you need an SUV or similar. Have a look at some car magazines (eg autocar, what car etc) for their reviews. These are Uk based so the prices quoted are lower than here. If you narrow it down to a few, go and have a test drive.

Also have a look at some of the car owners club websites. You’ll be able to see any reliability issues niggles etc associated with a car.

Also consider an import from the UK. There are pluses and minuses with this.


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but will hopefully make the move within the next three years
Your vehicle thoughts now, will be different in 3 years. Manufacturers have their boffins working hard in the engine development war office. Driving a diesel in 3 years may be seen as environmentally damaging knowing what we know now.

Their are some already not producing any diesel engines, and that seems to be the way forward for most..


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Audi A6 Allroader estate
I had a quick look at this on DoneDeal ... a bit to much (financially) out of my league. Lovely car though.

honestjohn... is a great resource for secondhand cars.
I've looked at Honest John and Parkers but thought I'd look for recommendations to guide me in the right direction.

Skoda Superb Combi, 5 trim levels, a choice of engines, etc. ...
Skoda kodiaq
Skoda doesn't grab me at all I'm afraid.

Subaru - maybe the Outback?
No joy here either.

Your vehicle thoughts now, will be different in 3 years.
True, but I know that I'll be doing less mileage and I am open to buying a petrol/hybrid. If I didn't need to pull a trailer I'd be happy to buy a Golf or such like.

I have the two up/two down farmhouse bought and renovated on two acres and it's my intention to live a simpler life when I retire. Having a vehicle to get me from A to B is a necessary evil and if I could train the two donkeys on the two acres to pull a cart they'd be my horse power! :)

I'm looking now because my second hand car/van/4x4 in three years' time is the new 181 of today. I'm basing my choice on what's available now.

The more I talk to people the more it looks like I need a 4x4.


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The Outback is a great car. Drives will and very practical (if a bit ugly). Worth waiting for or sourcing in the UK.


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(if a bit ugly)
Although I'm downsizing to one vehicle, I'm still a little bit vain .... I don't want to be seen in an ugly vehicle! :)

A Toyota Landcruiser?
Although the Landcruiser is a great 4x4, I'm slow to buy a Toyota .... I had a bad experience with an Avensis and problems with braking, which the garage more or less told me was my imagination ... it turned out to be a fault in the model. So no Toyota for me.


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Be mindful of your licence as towing a laden horse box could put you over the 3500kg thereby requiring a BE licence, perhaps you have that.

Whatever you pick it must be certified to tow the weight of the trailer and load.

For me it would be an suv, definitely a 4by4, as you get older it will be easier to get in/out than any car,


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Be mindful of your licence as towing a laden horse box could put you over the 3500kg thereby requiring a BE licence, perhaps you have that.
I hope the OP is covered for pulling heavy weights. I know that the guards were checking farmers locally as they were leaving the mart. They discovered a good few pulling trailers without the correct license.

Easily missed. All I can do with my licence, other than drive a car, is ride a small moped.


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... a BE licence
I have it. I have a licence to drive a small lorry and pull a trailer with a combined weight of 12,000 kg so I'm well covered.

The best vehicle I've had in a long time is the Pajero ... it cost me small money and has paid for itself well over time. I have kept it fully serviced. It did cost me a new flywheel though ... a known fault (that I didn't know about) ... so hoping not to buy something that will show up hidden problems later on.


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drove a new outlnder PHEV recently

Very impressive

cheap tax should be cheap to run.
long warranty and the high driving posistion you are used to from the jeep.
mid spec looked good at mid 40's new.