Ombudsman Decision Being Appealed To High Court


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I have just been informed by the Ombudsman that a case that they had ruled in my favour is now being appealed to the High Court
So I'm wondering what this means for me and my case, would I be right in thinking that this has little to do with me,
as in this is now between the defendant and the Ombudsman and I will have little or no input from now on ??
and also any Idea how long this will take, less than a year or more than a year ??

Brendan Burgess

Hi Cervelo

Yes, the case is against the Ombudsman challenging their decision. You are just a bystander.

I understand that they usually name the complainant as a notice party, so if you wanted to hire a legal team, you could. However, the Ombudsman has a very good track record and I doubt that your legal team would add anything of substance, so you should not go to the expense.

In very rare cases, only one that I know of, when the Ombudsman sent the case to their SC, their SC said that the Ombudsman's decision was clearly wrong and they should agree to Bank of Ireland's application to set it aside. As I say, that is very unlikely.

The courts are backed up so it will take a few years.