VHI Older couple trying to reduce costs.

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    Both in our mid to late sixties. Currently on VHI HealthPlus Excess costing €1734 each and considering Laya Simply Connect costing €1100 so giving a combined saving of over €1200!
    I can't see any drastic drop in cover by moving to Laya but is there something I'm missing?
    Would appreciate any comments/suggestions please.
  2. snowyb

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    No, there's nothing missing, I would highly recommend this plan as I am also on this myself.

    Just to also mention Laya Simplicity plan; price 1231pa if you want to include full cover for a private room in a private hospital.
    Details as follows;
    Simplicity plan; price 1231pa; all public, private(including private room fully covered), and 3 hi-tech hospitals covered, private/hi-tech excess
    100 x 2 max per year for all admissions (regardless of how many you have), no excess to pay in any public hospital. Good day to day cover
    included, - the first 100 not allowed, similar to your current plan. If a private room is not important to you, then Simply Connect plan is the
    better option.


    Regards Snowyb
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    Thanks Snowyb for the info.