NTMA State Savings now 3rd Biggest Deposit-taker

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    As reported in the Sunday Business Post:

    - €660 invested into the NTMA State Savings schemes in 2016.
    - Total invested in the NTMA State Savings schemes was €20.1 billion as at 31 December 2016.
    - Solidarity Bonds investments increased by €404 million in 2016.
    - Prize Bonds investments increased by €411 million in 2016.
    - Saving Bonds investments decreased by €619 million in 2016.
    - NTMA now 3rd biggest 'deposit taker' in the country.
    - The 20.1 billion represents aprox. 10% of the ownership of the Irish national debt.

    Banks have got the be annoyed with the ongoing flows from banks to the NTMA, especially with the NTMA offering rates that exceed deposit rates and exceed sovereign yields for terms of 4 years+.
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    Why? First of all you are no comparing like with like! Second the last thing banks need right now is a large inflow of deposits since there is no suitable out for it. Thirdly it would completely screw up their T1 requirements as Basel III comes closer to full force. If banks were struggling to acquire funds you would have seen a much stronger up take in QE than to date.