NPPR liability Being pushed to purchaser !

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  1. Keengardener1

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    Need urgent Advice required :

    In latter stages of contract negotiations -

    Buying house in SDCC area
    Our vendor bought their house in 2011 however it has transpired that at the time they bought the house their solicitor never got an exemption from the previous owners from SDCC that it was a principal private residence thus NPPR still outstanding on the property

    The liability outstanding for the period inc charges and penalties now at €5000

    The vendors solicitors contacted the Previous owners solicitors who issued affidavit to state that the house was a PPR however SDCC want a signed declaration from previous owners ( pre 2011 to issue exemption cert .

    For some reason the current vendors being unreasonable and just saying they can't get exemption for the previous years and it's a bit lump it or leave it which will make us responsible for the €5k charge .

    I just don't understand why they won't contact the previous vendors and ask for an affidavit .

    Our solicitor won't let us close for the house unless this € 5k is paid by either the vendor or us .

    I really don't think the responsibility to pay this charge rests with us and we don't have the money anyway as we are maxed out .

    Any one any experience of this !!!
  2. mf1

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    Its the vendors problem. End of.

    They have to sort it - no-one will complete a purchase unless it is resolved.

    The only alternative is to reflect the liability in the price.

  3. cremeegg

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    This is legally correct, but in practice may be poor advice.

    The price being agreed, may be less than the vendors think they can get, by putting the property back on the market.

    Who has more to loose by the current sale falling through. Given todays market it may be the purchaser.
  4. Ravima

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    If I was PURCHASER, I would not pay. I would insist on reduction of €5K from seller to reflect the charge.