Non resident landlord tax obligation

Discussion in 'Tax' started by reddanmm, 30 May 2018.

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    Indeed, there is a whole new procedure for this. I hadn't done it yet but it's to give us all more paperwork and to pay more civil servants for managing this. And now whoosh, we have a new budget and the rules are all changed again.

    1. Mortgage interest allowed
    2. Bacon resulted in it being stopped for new purchases
    3. Property collapsed due to Bacon and they brought it back in
    4. Later they attacked it again and reduced it to 75%
    5. Landlords started to leave the market again
    6. Then they created a convoluted PRTB method of social welfare tenant's meaning you could get 90% to rise to 100% at some stage
    7. This week they've now after you wasted your time on 6 said you'll get 100% from 2019 tax year.

    Wonder what they'll do next year, cancel it again !
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    Yes you are right HAP are deducting the tax from his rent. He is back in November so will sort out the tax clearance cert, although he did go to a tax assist place before he left in August and they told him to come back next year .
    Were not great at explaining things.
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    Sure isn't that what I said? :confused:
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    Apologies I missed your earlier post.
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