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    Hi! I posted a similar thread previously below with trying to decide what was best for my daughter who had been physically unwell last year. We decided to try for TY in her old school at the very end of last term. They accepted her back, but she got offered the opportunity of going to France to a school there for a year - she wants to do business and French in college. She is not going to France until 29th Sept (paid for by her grandmother). She was going to start school here next week in TY before going to France - now school say she is not up on the system, because they now don't have a place for her after accepting her back into TY at end June. My daughter is 15, and as per Dept of Ed rules, she has to be in school for a certain number of days each year, and also i don't want her lying about at home until 29th September. Any suggestions what I can do here? I presume I have to notify Dept of Ed anyway that she is going to school in France for the year, but what can I do about starting TY here?
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    I'm a bit confused... why do you want her to start Transition Year when she's leaving in a few weeks?
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    Home school her for the few weeks before she moves to France?

    I'm not surprised the school don't have her in the system if she is going to be educated in France this year.