New solar PV and battery grant launched today

Discussion in 'Home energy' started by Zenith63, 31 Jul 2018.

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    That will take a hell of a long time though.... are new builds even forced to install (I doubt it) ?

    If we look at the bigger picture, the government really needs to get it's act together here. The obvious thing to do, is take some more financial pain now to incentivise people to install immediately. Sure, it'll cost the exchequer now, but might save the nation a lot more in the long run.
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    Yeah, under the current regs they must have an element of renewable.

    In terms of the bigger picture though, too much grid-connected solar is problematic in terms of maximum generation coinciding with the lowest demand. That's where the requirement for local batter integration comes into play. I just wonder if all the costs of issuing administering lots of small scale projects might be more effectively spent.
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    If you are looking at Seai calculator for payback period that is outdated . If you are interested in real life instances of payback on this have a look over on renewable energies thread .
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    I'm not, but do you want to clarify what is wrong with their figures?

    You still can't name the installers offering a 6kW system with battery for €10k???
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    Where is the 9k figure coming from?

    I have a 4.2kw solar PV array with 4.8kwh litium battery. Net of grant it cost me 6k.
    I reckon at current usage I'll use about 1300 kwh max from the grid in a full 12 month. That's a bill of less than €400 per annum.

    Electricity prices generally rise 5% per year too so solar PV makes sense if you have cash sitting in the bank earning almost zero interest.

    People put a lot of emphasis on pay back. What's the payback on your car , a new kitchen or new whatever. At least solar PV helps reduce monthly bills for electricity and can also heat your water with excess .
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