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Discussion in 'Money makeover' started by Brendan Burgess, 5 Jan 2019.

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    In fairness the lady on the programme this week suffered ill health so couldn't work and then went through a separation. I think she showed the anxiety associated with debt and felt so vulnerable. I thought the teachers were irresponsible with money but this woman was a different case. Could happen anyone!
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    Very well said RentingD.
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    She is working and spending her own money ,
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    Could you please explain it to me from a woman's point of view because obviously as a man I've missed the point that Protocol was trying to make ???
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    I didn't make the original comment and I'm not a woman.... But I would like to point out that €30/21= a trivial €1.42 a day spent on these controversially extravagant eyelashes.

    Society judges everyone on their presentation and appearance, even more so if you are a woman. Looking well helps us to feel more confident and generally feel better about ourselves, especially in a public facing job.

    People should have some sense, empathy and understanding.

    * PS Cervelo that's not directed at you or anyone else on here - General statement....
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    I agree with you somewhat but where do you draw the line on the "Sense, empathy and understanding" ??
    Nobody is saying this woman has had an easy life even though it can be argued she is the author of her own misfortune
    Nobody is saying that this woman shouldn't spend some of her hard earned cash on herself, we all need a bit of me, me, me spending.

    This woman went on a show to sort out her financial problems with three goals secure her home, pay her debts and put money aside for her future retirement in ten years
    Eoin had showed her this is all possible, her house sorted for the rest of her life, all debt paid off in six years and if she watches her spending she will also have a nest egg saved by retirement
    But guess what happened at the end of the show, Eoin was questioning her "me, me, me" spending and the fact that it had increased and that she has no control over it
    It wasn't just the eyelashes, there was also the "favourite soap and hand creams" the "nights on the tear with the girls" and the fact that she spends cash in her wallet without knowing where she is spending it

    The eyelashes as you pointed out may only cost €1.42 a day but in the ten years to her "retirement" she can look forward having €5200 less in the savings account
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    By the end of the programme I don't think Eoin had much hope that she was going to change her ways. He was clutching at straws when he was summarising the improvements e.g. she is now talking to her housing agency. However it is up to her how she chooses to live her life.
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    As my wife pointed out (who is a woman). Forego the eyelashes and she would have the credit union loan paid off in the year. In fact she said, if the credit union were watching it, they would be not very sympathetic.
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    I don't think they would have been surprised though. The lady was proud to say that she had engaged with the credit union for the last ten years about her loans. Without a hint of embarrassment she then added that she had not made any repayments in that time.
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    Getting my eye trio done tomorrow €30 a month and needed-let’s put it this way, my sister used to call me Boris Becker when I was younger as I’m so fair!
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    Wrong wrong wrong. If you have debt and are overspending you cannot justify this type of spending on frivolities no matter what your job is or for other spurious reasons like feeling good. Find something free to do instead.
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    People should have sense about spending what they earn and paying back their debts. It's got nothing to do with empahty and understanding. If she is not paying the credit union than she's impacting the credit unions bottom line and those who are paying their debts as agreed. And if she continues she's digging herself an even worse financial mess.

    (I've no issue with a CU doing a deal or cutting slack to anyone who falls on hard times)
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    Are people who forgo the spending on luxury items in order to repay debt celebrated? No, this is what is expected of people who take out loans.

    This whole idea of people getting a pat on the back for revisiting debts that has been ignored for years whilst overspending on non essential items is pure Ludacris.
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    Really? :D
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    For some reason this week's programme didn't record with my Virgin media box. Just watching it now through playback option.
    Wonder how many others didn't auto record through series link?
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    Interesting show this week, glad to see that we have a couple that can live within their means but at the same time am a little shocked at how bad their understanding of microeconomics is
    Is this not something that is or should be thought to our kids in school ??
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    Or by their parents.

    How a parent acts with money has a huge influence on how a child acts with money as they get older. Being taught about money in school will be pointless if they go home and mum & dad are constantly buying stuff that they don't need or never say no to a child's request for a new toy.

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    Couldn't agree with you more Steven, as they say "everything starts at home"
    I always will remember my fathers stock answer when I was looking for something new or something that I didn't need, "Who do you think I am, Rockefeller"
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    Did I hear that the couple plus one child were spending €800 per month on food?

    Both myself and my wife struggle to spend the €50 per week in Dunnes Stores to get the €10 cashback.
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