New mobile phone which one should I get

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  1. S.L.F

    S.L.F Guest

    I am due to have my contract expire in September with Three.

    I'd like to go to sim only because it seems to be far cheaper than getting an upgrade.

    My phone (Samsung) is working fine but I think I'd like to get a newer phone but don't want to be tied to a contract for two years.

    Any suggestions on where to buy a new phone/price/get new/reconditioned/which company to go to for service and such.

    Open to any opinions really.

    Thanking you in advance
  2. ixus

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    I think Virgin have some decent offers as they compete for market share. Have short notice termination in contracts i.e. not the 2yr contract. They piggy back off Three's reception.
  3. S.L.F

    S.L.F Guest

    Have you heard anything good about Eir?

    Obviously at present I am with Three and am reasonably happy with their coverage and such.

    I have Virgin with my tv/internet/house phone, I might see what they have to offer for existing customers.
  4. mathepac

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    I recently (late May) switched to eir from Tescomobile. Having praised Tescomobile to the heavens in here they let me down badly, leaving me with no option but to go when they could no longer supply the services I was paying for.

    I went SIM-only with eir for 4G phone and "50Mbit/s" broadband but ported my number. I have a fairly new iPhone 6s+ bought SIM-free. I pay eir €75/month for unlimited calls, texts and unlimited broadband. I've only seen 3G on the phone so far (but it's consistent and solid and better than EDGE/1.5G from Tescomobile) and max downloads are in the order of 5.5Mbit/s. Connecting iPad/iPhone to the router for uploads/downloads is a speedster's dream. I have 2.4G and 5G channels on the router and only a couple of minor glitches so far. Tipp/Kilkenny border area.
  5. S.L.F

    S.L.F Guest

    €75 a month..

    Suffering Nora
  6. vandriver

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    Including home broadband.
  7. mathepac

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    plus a few TV sports channels, 300 web texts/month, plus a few other bits and pieces. A solid 2-year deal, no starter discounts, just the 6/8 weeks credit at the front-end before the first D/D hits the bank. I'm a happy camper, I have a service that works. €20/month more than Tescomobile's service on the surface, but then I was always eating into some credit limit or other that cost extra anyway, so much of a muchness
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  8. S.L.F

    S.L.F Guest

    Eir are the ones I am looking most closely at these days...thank you mathepac
  9. mathepac

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    You're welcome. Any questions, specific or general, just shoot.
  10. Frank

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    virgin signal was terrible when I tried it a year ago.

    One meteor and the signal is good.

    I am on 30 day sim only, worth looking at buying the phone outright and going this option.
  11. Cervelo

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    I've been with Eir a while now and find them very good with signal and resonable on price, I'm on the 30 day business unlimited sim only plan for €25+vat per month
    Unlimited calls, texts and 20Gb data includes roaming in Europe and USA
    Did a lot of traveling in Europe and USA for the first 5 months of this year and only had one problem with signal and that was in the middle of Yellowstone Park
    Only problem is its a business sim so you need a business account but they have similiar plans for personal use but they dont include roaming in USA afaik