New low fares airlines to Germany

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    Just noticed that 2 low fares airlines are starting up routes out of (well, 'to' really) Dublin in the next while.

    HapagLloyd Express will fly from Dublin to Stuttgart from April 15th and to Hamburg from April 2nd. One flight a day, only some days of the week.

    German Wings will fly to Cologne/Bonn (sounds like another Brussels/Charleroi or Glasgow/Prestwick type location) from Feb 28th daily with 2 flights some days.

    I was looking for flights to Germany yesterday, so this has got to be good.

  2. MAC

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    Great news zag,

    Thanks for the tip.

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    Holland flights

    Basiqair (part of KLM?) is a new low fares airline flying from Dublin to Rotterdam. There is a train from the airport to Amsterdam (apparently).
  4. I seem to recall some German dude on NewsTalk 106's Saturday Down To Business show talking about this recently.
  5. MAC

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    Thanks Zag!

    Just booked 4 adults to go to Stuttgart in August for €320 return including taxes.....