Health Insurance New job offering health insurance - currently paying my own with a different company


Can you cancel a policy midway thru' the year or once you commit you're stuck ? I started a policy in January individually but I may have a job that offers to pay thru' their scheme which is with a different company. I presume a common enough situation.
One option that I have seen happen in the past was that you produce your renewal documentation for this year and the company reimburse you directly for the remaining number of months. You then go on their group scheme when the renewal comes around but as to how you do so without a gap in cover may be tricky.

If you speak with the HR person that you are dealing with now about the options or when you join the company have a chat with the Payroll section they should be able to sort it.

The HIA website shows the following:

When can I switch policies and insurers?​

In general, health insurance policies are 12-month contracts. You can switch insurer or policy at your next renewal date. All insurers must provide a 14-day cooling-off period from the renewal date. During these 14 days, you can cancel and get a full refund. If you switch insurers mid-contract, you may be charged a cancellation fee.
In some cases, insurers will allow you to switch policies mid-contract. For example, you might be able to move from one Laya Healthcare policy to a different Laya Healthcare policy. Contact your insurer directly to find out more about switching policies mid-contract.
You might have to serve waiting periods if you move to a policy with higher benefits. For more information, go to upgrade waiting periods.
I was in the same situation as a contractor paying for my own Laya cover. I took a perm role with a company that also offered Laya and got a part year refund for my own Laya policy.
Not sure if it was the fact it was continuous service with Laya that helped me here though.
Laya and got a part year refund for my own Laya policy.
Or it could be full refund minus the cancellation cost ? Anyone any idea what the cancellation cost is ? If it was similar to electricity e.g. €50 it would be worth it.
Or it could be full refund minus the cancellation cost ?

The rules above state it is a 12 month contract so it would lead one to believe that because AndroidMan was staying with Laya and not switching companies, which is a different ball game, he was given a refund. Your situation is different because you are with another insurer.