Health Insurance New healthcare plan in mid 70s


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Is there any hope of someone in their mid 70s getting a new plan having not had cover for the last 10 years, at an affordable price, I should add? Thank you
Maybe something like LAYA Control 300 create? You'll probably have to accept higher excess.

As much as price, you may have to re-serve waiting periods, that is something important to pay attention to if you are discussing it with VHI, LAYA etc.

Do you have any of your old policy numbers etc, so you can show you previously had health insurance? You might avoid some of the loadings then.
Along with speaking to the 3 companies, VHI, Laya and Irish Life you could have a look at the HIA website to see if you can get any info there.

If you are not satisfied then you also have the option to go to a health insurance broker or possibly who operate on a fee basis.
Maybe something like LAYA Control 300 create? You'll probably have to accept higher excess.

Hi Sunshine39,

That policy as recommended by odyssey06 does appear to give good cover at a not too expensive rate. It is unusual these days insofar as it appears to give 100% cover for orthopaedic and ophthalmic procedures. Most policies only provide 80% and others 60% creating a shortfall for possible hip or knee replacements. Some of the hospitals may provide the 20% difference but you would need to check that out yourself.
You can definitely get good cover. If you haven't had health insurance in 10 years you will have to pay extra for your cover under the Lifetime Community Rating (LCR) loadings which is annoying. It works out at an extra 2% of your premium per year that there is a break in health insurance cover. You can look this up online. If you have no preexisting conditions then you shouldn't have to serve waiting periods.
My experience of seeking cover from all three players in the market last year was that none would cover pre-existing conditions for anything less than five years. There did not seem to be any wiggle room on this whatsoever.

This might be relevant as well for someone of your age.