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    Panda sent this email around:

    Dear Panda Customer,

    Panda collects and processes 100,000 tons per annum of mixed dry recyclables from over a quarter of a million homes across Ireland and many commercial businesses.

    Recycling is a Global business and for more than a decade China has been the main processor of recyclables, not just from Europe, but also for much of the world. For a variety of reasons, including high levels of contamination, China has recently stopped accepting recycling material from outside its own borders. So with China closed as an outlet, the cost of recycling worldwide has escalated dramatically as more companies world-wide jostle for access to reduced outlets in the rest of the world.

    Panda is committed to recycling in Ireland and in order to maintain Ireland's excellent recycling rate, it is critical that the cost of recycling is met Unfortunately, to meet increasing costs, we have to introduce charges for the recycling bin collection service. However, these charges will be relatively small and will be used to help maintain a sustainable recycling culture in Ireland.

    Specifically, we will be charging just 80 cents per lift of your recycling bin and 4.5 cents per kg to collect, process and transport your recyclables, a relatively small price to pay to be able to continue to recycle in a sustainable manner for future generations.

    Taking this charge into account Panda are still cheaper than the County Council were charging for their service 12 years ago when we first entered the market. Panda have since expanded the service to include a brown bin service for organic waste and a bin-washing service for all bins.

    In accordance with clause 3 of our Terms and Conditions , we hereby give you notice of our intention to vary the price as stated above and such recycling charges will come into effect on 19th April 2018.

    Please go to the following link to see a recent article in the Irish Examiner covering what Panda does with your recyclables in its recycling facility in Dublin:

    Yours sincerely,

    Panda Customer Care Team
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    Seems cheap.

    I pay 4.50 per lift, I think.

    Or maybe 4.00.
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    And so it starts...
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    Recycling bin fees have always existed where I live.
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    I think it is cheap, typically a 240 litre bin would weight 20 to 30 kg with recyclables and just 80 cent per lift, so a total cost per lift circa €2. If collected biweekly then €52 per year. Plastic is the killer, China not taking it and soon it will have to be recycled locally which is should be in any case.
    I got a delivery last week and the guys took away everything including that white polystyrene that no recycling centre will take. Just got to be clever with what you buy so as not to get caught with the waste.
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    Increased charges for recycling has been coming for some time. The market price for dry recyclables has been dropping while contamination levels are on the rise, further exacerbating the issue for providers here. Panda had a trial back in 2013 (not sure if it's still running) when more than 30% of the materials placed in their green bins wasn't recyclable, with nappies being a particular problem. They installed cameras on some of their trucks to identify serious offenders and contacted them.
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    I think that's where our real problem rests, with people putting non-recyclable materials into the green bins.

    Whether it's through laziness, ignorance, or in an attempt to try and reduce waste disposal charges I'm not sure, but we clearly need to resolve the problem for the long term.
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    The real problem is the overproduction of packaging, we use far too much in the first place - manufacturers and retailers need limits on what is produced, secondly - we need to be limiting what we purchase and then do we start worrying about the stuff that goes into the bins. I'm no angel about this stuff - but its too hard to buy food without buying plastic! Packaging needs to be reduced at source.
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    Bear in mind as well that most plastic is no longer recyclable! Only rigid plastics are now allowed in recycling - see so any plastic wrapping or bags must go into refuse, not recycling. Maybe that is something others knew for a while but it was a surprise to me.
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    Tinfoil is also not accepted for recycling - including tinfoil plates and food dishes.
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