Health Insurance New condition on health insurance policy.


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I have just started a health insurance policy in February from begining.

I was in 2022 diagnosed with a medical condition and have now been informed that the diagnosis was incorrect even though symptoms are same just the original diagnosis was incorrect and it actually is a differrent condition I have. I was informed about this after i had taken out health insurance.

So my question is does this qualify as a pre existing condition and hence not qualify under insurance. I have a feeling it is.
Perhaps a letter from your treating doctor/specialist confirming the misdiagnosis might help in your endeavours with your health insurer although it may prove hard to get such a confirmation in writing.
Even if you did not have a definitive/correct diagnosis in 2022, it would appear that you were experiencing symptoms of this condition at that time, and therefore my understanding is that it would not be covered and it would be considered a pre-existing condition. Doctors are often asked 'When did symptoms begin' for this reason when assessing claims.