New back boiler installation

Discussion in 'Home energy' started by bm 83, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. bm 83

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    I'm currently building a house, It has an island double sided fireplace in an open plan vaulted ceiling kitchen/living room.

    My plumber is telling me that in order to have a back boiler i have to have a water pipe coming back level with the top of the water cylinder. Now the problem i have is that because the fireplace is out on its own so i'd have a pipe in mid air on its own going from the fireplace to the wall and onto the cylinder so i'm wondering is there another way to doing this. be it underground or by going all the way to the vaulted ceiling.

  2. S.H.S

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    Underground for the return pipe and up through the vaulted ceiling for the flow is fine. Gravity circulation is dependant on the difference in density of the lighter warm water and the heavier cooler water.
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    Only if it is a continous rise to the coil in the cylinder and not dropping back down from the attic.