Need to negotiate yearly loyalty discount with Virgin Media.

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Its that time of year again when I need to ring Virgin Media about loyalty discount.

Has anyone called them recently to see if they are giving any deals? Forewarned is forearmed :) I don't want to move from them but just threaten to do so each year to get a loyalty discount.


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Strangely, I was just talking about this with my aunt earlier.
I usually do it for her, but she looked after herself about a month ago (probably tired waiting for me to do it!!). 25% off her monthly.
The bit that surprised me was usually I called the loyalty team in Limerick, but she managed this through their usual customer service number.

Have a look at new customer offers so you've a target in your mind for negotiation.


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did the dance about 6 months ago

they mentioned I had done this a few times now.

Got my discount but it was harder work this time.

Will probably have to actually change next time.

Pity they won't just do a price all the time


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I rang them as loyalty discount expired, I have only TV, Sports and multi room costing €98 per month. They reduced this to €62 for 12 months, no haggling necessary..


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I just have broadband with them, got it for 44 for 9 months then up to 56 for final 3 months. There's a big thread on outlining the different discounts people have got:
we got the same deal, but we have the fastest broadban od 500 I think so our prices are maybe a few eures on top of your deal. But still great, when you work it out you get the sam ediscount as the new customers.