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Hi Folks,

Just looking for youyr views , last year i got in touch with Dermot Goode Total Health Cover and at the time i went for Signify, with Laya, but just got the Renewal working out at €25 a Month now, havent really got the money to continue this one as its costing me €153 euro a month, and cant afford ringing Total Health Cover again , i am 61 single no kids, was wondering if anyone else on similar or a similar Cover Cheaper , Thanks
Someone mentioned on AAM recently that because they had used the services of Total Health Cover in the past that they were able to ring or better still e-mail them and get advice free of charge the second time around. Perhaps you could give that a try. I think there have been 3 price increases over the past year with both Laya and VHI.

There are some previous AAM threads here that discuss the Laya Signify plan so if you have a read through those you might get some advice.

The website might help also.

costing me €153 euro a month

BTW are you sure that the policy is €153 per month as this previous thread would lead one to believe that the premium is a lot cheaper than that and this one also. Perhaps you took out the insurance later on in life and are therefore carrying a loading for the Lifetime Community Rating.
Just on the phone there Laya, She suggesting instead of Signify , I maybe consider Signify Care like Ros said, but something about when u down grade that it takes two years is it to get a higher insurance ,
VHI were offering First Care 500 Day
What you think ?

Is it cheaper to pay it in Full.
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The comparison for the two policies on the HIA website is here for you to have a look at. One of the big differences between the policies is that on the Laya one the maximum you can claim on your day-to-day expenses is €6,500 and on the VHI one the day-to-day has a max of €1,000!

There are a lot of very high excesses on both policies for hospital stay so you would need to look at those carefully before proceeding and be aware that if you do go into hospital you may have to pay extra.

What I think you are talking about on the down grade is actually the Upgrade Rule where if you reduce your cover and then upgrade cover again in the future you would need to wait two years before the better/higher cover comes into force.

The VHI payment options are here and I think Laya have a fee for paying monthly but not 100% sure about that so you would need to check that with them.
Would you think id be better on the Signify Sue?

Sorry I can't give you any advice as I'm not familiar with the Laya policies having been insured with VHI most of my life.

Considering the very high premium that you are paying because of your Community Rating loading I do feel it would be best if you tried giving totalhealthcover a call and see what they have to say. As I mentioned previously they gave free advice to another AAM user as they were a previous customer and had already paid a fee.
TotalHealthCover responded to my initial email with a few words of advice as a bit of a goodwill gesture since I was a previous client, but when I followed up they basically said I would have pay again for any further advice. Which is fair enough I suppose.