My landlords house is being repossessed, urgent advice needed?


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Quick question plz im living in my house for 8 years its a ras house but the landlady wasent paying her morgage and i got a court letter saying it had already gone to court without me knowing to explain my situation. Im to be out on friday thats 2 days time i put in a dispute to rtb board a month ago havent heard nothing bk. Threshold got me and extention of a month from the bank whos taking it back but now the date has came and counsil havent got any place for me im completly stressed as my psrtner hsd a stroke and weve no wete to go. Any advice


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That’s not a nice situation to be in. Looking to the future, have you registered with the Local Authority for more secure housing? Some of their housing is specifically for over 55s, your son has medical needs so that can be treated as a priority. Ask for an appointment with the Local Authority’s Social Worker, have as much info as you can to back up and explain your housing needs.