My cu accepts Garda Indentification card as proof of i.d.

Discussion in 'Credit Union issues' started by pudds, 7 Jun 2018.

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    I presume they mean the Garda Age card as I know of no other.

    My partner today received a letter from Waterford cu which we are both with stating that
    they accept the Garda age card as proof of i.d. when clearly this is the case....

    Age Card
    The Intoxicating Liquor Act 1988 (Age Card) Regulations 2010 provide for a voluntary Age Card scheme. Age Cards can be obtained by individuals aged 18 and over to show that they have reached the legal age for purchasing alcohol.

    An Age Card is a “proof of age card” and not an “Identity Card”. The Age Card is solely for the purpose stated above and should not be obtained or used for any other purpose.

    Institutions seem to make up their own rules what to accept in the absence of a Passport
    or Driving Licence and soo many citizens don't have those and are forced to ask a garda who probably doesn't know them to certify that they do by signing an ML10 form thereby asking a
    garda to lie for them. Its a right mess and even the Public Services Card is not accepted.
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    Not just your credit union. It seems to be fairly widely accepted by credit unions.