Moving New Ireland AVC - options


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Good Morning,

I am a Civil Servant and have been paying into an AVC with New Ireland Assurance for the past 7 years nearly. I wish to move my Current fund from this AVC to something where the fees are not so high.

Last year New Ireland took over 17% fees from me in total. This is now subject to and investigation by the FSOB as New Irelands policy documents states 2.75% fee per annum. This was only discovered when i requested a full breakdown of my statement as the annual statement issued by NIA is extremely vague in terms of what payments has been made and deductions taken etc.

With this issue aside what are my options for removing this AVC fund from New Ireland Assurance to something that is more manageable and transparent.

Thank you in advance for your time.


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Hi Slaps, I was wondering if you have any update on this issue. I have a very similar issue with New Ireland. Much appreciated.