Moving mortgage sold to Pepper to higher value property?

Discussion in 'Mortgage arrears & negative equity case studies' started by Daniel12, 5 Jan 2019.

  1. Daniel12

    Daniel12 New Member

    Our PTSB mortgage was sold on, although restructured with bank on payments at the time. Long story but would Pepper consider moving the loan to a higher value property that we own 60% of & low us to sell apt t o raise funds to buy out family member ?
  2. Brendan Burgess

    Brendan Burgess Founder

    No. No lender would allow you to move a loan to a property which you own 60% of.

    You don't move loans as such. You repay the old loan and take out a new one. I doubt if Pepper is in the business of giving out new loans but you could ask.