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    Hi - looking to move house. Currently have ptsb tracker mortgage. Current mortgage is €189k and hoping to sell for near to €230k. Giving us nearly €40k equity. Looking at new property, which is €185k. Do I need 20% deposit or 10% deposit? Saw 10% on a ptsb brochure regarding tracker portability.

    Secondly, do u need savings or can the deposit come from the sale of my current house?

    Will it be more favourable if I add my husband to the mortgage? ( bought it originally when single)

    Finally, does the approval take long once current mortgage with ptsb and don't move elsewhere as have tracker.

    Hope someone can advise!

    Thank you!
  2. islander222

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    Going through this with PTSB ourselves... Hardest part of approval was us getting all the paper work together! Took a couple of weeks after that was ready.
    Our deposit will be the equity from house sale but we had savings too. Even though you are second time buyers deposit required could be closer to 10 but it depends on your earnings and amount left over after your monthly payments etc.
    Tracker porting is only open for 6 months after you sell up though... Not sure if they can extend it.