moving electric & gas meters from garage to external

Discussion in 'Home energy' started by Bikini Widow, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Bikini Widow

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    Hi all,

    I just want to see if any advice in approaching gas and electricity for moving meters from internal garage to external wall. Basically I want to avoid cost and complexity were possible.

    Background: I will be knocking garage for a conversion job and will need them moved to new wall once conversion job is done.

    Any thoughts appreciated.
  2. staff

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    Hi Bikini

    Not sure about the electricity meter but i had my gas meter moved 2 years ago after having a porch installed. It was only moved about 2 metres but it cost me the guts of €1,000 and it does depend on how far you are moving it - the further you move the more expensive. I know I was surprised at the price at the time. Bord Gais don't do the move but it does have to be approved by them. Hope this helps.

  3. Clonback

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    I got a new supply of gas which involved bord Gais running a pipe for 20m from the nearest supply.Cost 250euro.The property never had gas installed before.
  4. Bikini Widow

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    Thanks for feedback, I saw mention somewhere of a smart electricity pilot that requires a new meter to be installed was wondering if this could be used to offset costs. Will continue to look

    thanks again,
  5. Branz

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    The SM project does not incorporate a meter move, it is just a switch.

    The elec meter move project will cost, especially if the cables are not long enough to be reused in the new position or/and the ESB decide that the cable need updating.
    I have seen different scenarios where one ESB crew will not crimp on an extra say 5 meters to the incomer, whereas others did!

    This move will also require a REC to certify the house wiring in its entirety before the meter is reconnected.
    So as part of this project establish before you start whether your earth is neutralised,as this will need doing if not, and will cost €189.00 for a separate ESB call out to do it.