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    I have sold our house before the Nov deadline, I wrote to Limerick to inform the LPT, but it is still on my account as owing. I went online and filled in the message box on the Revenue site but this say it will be 21 working days before I hear from them. Has the solicitor got to get involved in this?
    It's impossible trying to phone them, there is all of the auto voice system to negotiate in English and Irish which takes time and then a que to wait in which turns into a lengthy phone call on a 1890 number
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    It would appear that although the house was handed over 18 Oct. The LPT have still billed me for 2018 and will not take me off my old house untill the new owners register, so I am relying on others being prompt at informing the LPT. Not a good arrangement
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    The filing of the Stamp Duty form should automatically update the ownership of the property for Revenue's LPT records.

    Perhaps check with your solicitor to see if the purchaser has filed & paid the Stamp Duty.

    I also recently moved house (Aug), and recently received my first LPT letter for my new house. I didn't do anything in particular to transfer the property to my name. About two weeks after we closed the purchase I noticed the new property was already linked to my tax number in my Revenue My Account page.
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    Always worth looking at before ringing a 1890 number. There appear to be two landline numbers for them - see

    The 01-4853695 definitely works but not sure about the 01-7023049, strange ring tone on it.
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